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Everyone likes water tumbling over a moving water wheel.We've added "The Fitz" - a scale all-steel overshoot waterwheel option. Its superior design enabled an efficiency of 90% as compared with the 60% of the wood wheel. Ideal for saw mills, grist mills or ore mines. Mills add realism to your layout in many ways with sound, motion, presence, and beauty. We have been on mill quests while on vacations, road trips and with friends for over almost 40 years. If you have a few moments and would enjoy some nostalgia on mills click on Milling Around

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Fitz 2x8 Overshot Waterwheel Kit
Here's the famous Fitz Metal wheel that claimed 90% efficiency with curved paddles. Used on the majority of mills and other businesses powered by water. 24 paddles, brass bushing with 6" solid brass axle and assembled with 32 sets of brass screws and bolts. Wheel is laser cut from .060 whie styrene.Spokes set off from wheel.Wheel matches all 2" sluices.

Video instructions for new hub:

Wheel Assembly

$ 56.95


FitzWheel 6 " Kit
1:24 scale all-steel, overshot wheel
Pieces bolt and snap together, super glue (CA) and painting (red) are recommended. Kit includes 39 pieces of styrene, 40 sets of brass hex bolts with nuts, 4" brass bushing and solid brass 6” axle. Size is 6” x 2” wide. Full Instructions. Painting & assembly required.

Full instructions with step by step pictures (4 pages).

$ 56.95
Waterworks Kit
6" x 2" Fitz Wheel,
2" x 16" Snap-together Sluice with flow controls,
Raceway plans and reusable formwork.

Kit includes brass hex nuts and bolts; scale bolts with square nuts; styrene bents; flow controls; brass shaft and bushing; hardware cloth; two resin cast “Fitz Bearings” (#3030); complete instruction book; plus more . . . totals over 225 pieces.

The Waterworks Kit is created with a CO2 laser and cut white polystyrene. Gluing after assembly is required. Painting is recommended.

Stone for Raceway Not Included.


$ 130.00
Glade Creek Mill
Model Set

OD:13.5"w w x 9.25" l x 22" h (with foundation)
The Glade Creek Mill building (Babcock State Park, WV) includes 15 windows, 4 styles of 6 doors, 2 front porches, 1 side-access deck, corner trim, pulley kit, and full-sized CAD plans in 3 - 24" x 36" sheets with 4/C painting instructions. Step by step "How to Model the Glade Creek Mill in Stone & Cement" DVD.

Click on pix for larger.

$ 104.95
15" Styrene Sluice Extension Kit
for #4174

OD:15" long x 2.5" wide
Fits #4174 The Fitz Waterworks Kit. Includes 2-Bent Trestle on 1/4" x 3/8" styrene timbers.Includes cross-over transition pieces.
Laser cut from .06" white styrene plastic.

$ 45.00

Unassembled Wooden Waterwheel Wheel
2" x 8" Kit with Outside Wheel Boards

1:24 scale wooden, overshot wheel.
Click on Instruction Manual to download for more information

This 2" wide wheel is wider than our previous resin cast. Has the detail of wooden wheel construction - 30 paddles in laser cut white styrene plastic.
32 sets of brass bolts and nuts. Brass Bushing and solid axle rod. Painting, gluing and custom installation required.
Revised wheel video on YouTube:
"#4021 Wheel Hub Assembly"

$ 56.95

Assembled Waterwheel Wheels

If do you not want to assemble you waterwheel kit,we will be happy to assemble it for you.

$ 25.00
2" Styrene
Suice Kit

Kit includes all the sluice details: Flow Control, Side Spill, sluice squares plus 4 sets of brass bolts/nuts for flow control. Side spill can be "either side". There's a customizable end "square" to be drilled to insert you water source tubing. Feautres engraved sides with wooden board design.Fits 2" wide wheels.
16" long -
1:24 Large Scale

$ 28.95
2" Easy-Clean, Removable Suice Kit with bents

Kit includes Styrene Sluice #4041 (above) PLUS 2 Bent-trestle with cross member in styrene. Sluice is removable (not attached) for easy cleaning of algae without removing mill or raceway/wheelposts.The bents fit into an "in stream" simplified raceway with smaller wheel post design (complete drawings included).

1:24 Large Scale

$ 47.95
15" Styrene Sluice Extension Kit
for #4031 & #4041

OD:15" long x 2.5" wide
Can be coupled with additional #4042s to any length desired. Construction: snap together and interlocking. Instructions.

$ 27.00
# 4022
2" Wide - Flow Control Kit
includes brass bolts & nuts
$ 5.25
2" Wide -Sluice Frame (2)
includes 2 frames and white metal bolts
$ 1.25
2" Wide - Sluice Frame with support
$ 1.25
2" Wide - Side Spillway Kit
$ 1.75
2" Wide - Sluiceway to Wheel Spill Kit
$ 2.75
# 1302
Raceway Stone for Sluices & Waterwheels
Includes a total of 41" of cut capstones and a total of 4 lbs. of #39MO fieldstone to complete #4174 Raceway Plans. (For #4174 Above)
$ 28.00
Fitz Journals
Large (2)
Scaled after the Fitz"Bronze Lined Self-Oiling" Bearings. Resin cast. Drilling required. Painting recommended.
$ 4.50
Masonry/Stone Recessed Mill Slab-Door w/bars Kit

G Scale 1:24

OD 1.87"w X 3.5"h X .67"deep

$ 5.95
Masonry/Stone Recessed Double Door Kit

G Scale 1:24

OD 3.51"w X 4.43"h X .67"deep

$ 8.50
6/6 Pane Dbl Hung Recessed Window Kit

G Scale 1:24

OD1.87"w X 2.87"h X .46"deep

$ 4.00
Masonry/Stone Recessed Dutch-Door w/bars Kit

G Scale 1:24

OD1.87"w X 3.46"h X .67"deep

$ 5.75
4/4 Pane Dbl Hung Recessed Window Kit

G Scale 1:24

OD1.38"w X 2.74"h X .46"deep

$ 4.00
3-Lite Slab Door Kit

G Scale 1:24

Door Knob included. Laser engraved board/slabs.
Overall: 1.75" w x 4.34" h; RO 1,51"w x 4.21"h

$ 6.50
5-Lite Recessed Loading Door Kit

G Scale 1:24

Laser engraved board/slabs
Overall: 3.1" w x 4.4" h x .65" deep

$ 8.15
3-Story Grist Mill Kit

Full "3-Story Mill" includes all windows and doors plus pulley to complete a Mill modeled in either real stone or clapboard (cast cement). Instructions and Plans cover both models.
10" x 9" x 17" hi
1:24 Large Scale
Plans & Detail Kits include:
#4170 Dutch Mill Door w/bars (2)
#4240 4/4 Dbl Hung Tall Window (6)
#4237 30Lite Slab Door (1)
#4165 4-Pane Sq Boxcar Window (3)
#4197 Slab Door (1)
#4205 6-Pane No sill Window (1)
Casting Corner Trim and Pulley

$ 72.00
PLANS: 3-Story Grist Mill

PLANS for 3-Story Waterwheel Mill are shown in 3 full pages sized 24" x 36" showing 1:24 scale CAD drawings at actual size.For Larger Click on Picture (right) of 3-Story Mill

$ 17.95
How To Model Waterpowered Mills in Real StoneA Mill Reference and G-Scale Modeling Primer
Over 250 photos. All Color.
Shows 34 Waterwheel Mills from 17 States. Plus 6 Models, and 8 Storyboard How Tos 36. Pages - 8 1/2" x 11"
Click Link: How To-Mills
$ 17.95
Waterwheel Journal
Hold waterwheel axle on wheelpost. Unpainted. Requires drilling for axle/shaft, soft metal. Ideal scale for Water Wheel #5000
$ 2.75

Grist Pulley Kit


$ 4.50

Murray's Mill
South Bay Railway

This creative Canadan railway is located in South Bay, Balsam lake, Ontario. It first ran in 2011 with 3 layout loops with approx. 400' track. A. Conquergood finished this mill in the summer of 2012. It has 25' of sluice! 1:58
4 Waterwheel Mills - 1:24
SGF Botanical Gardens
Mills, raceways and sluices are modeled in real stone and concrete using the "Stone & Cement" Quikrete® Vinyl Cement Patcher technique. 2:55

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