Garden railroad models and structures are subject to the "great outdoors." This includes being exposed to rain, mud, humidity, hail, freezing, water, heat, dry, UV, dust devils, wind, acid from leaves . . . plus the damage caused from outdoor critters (squirrels, racoons, deer, etc.). Then add the component of "aging" under these conditions.

   There is an answer – model in those time-tested materials that have historically been proven survivors to the elements. Since the beginning of man one material has been "stone". . . and since the Roman time period, the other is "cement".

   Modeling has never been so much fun while achieving such monumental results. A San Diego clinic participant who came again to our clinic in Cinncinatti commented to the group, "It was the most fun modeling I have ever had." Wait 'til you see your efforts and the realism that real stone gives to your layout.

Over 400 photos.includes "Casting Masters" Technique

with storyboard modeling guides

How to Model in Stone & Cement
A complete modeling handbook, that includes
creating detailed, all-weather models using Casting Masters,
cement and natural stone.
2 Plans for modeling
• Stone & Cement chimney House
• Stone Tunnel Portal,
Plus 10 Modeling Tips,
and 3 Advanced Construction Techniques

#7051......$ 19.95

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Plans are for Large, G-Scales,1:24    52Pages - 8 1/2" x 11"

New 2013

    You'll . . .

     • master the easy Quikrete® Vinyl Cement technique with reusable formwork and casting masters to model for a lifetime!

     • find out how to create real stone models that survive wet, dry, cold, hot, hail, direct UV, and windy conditions

     • shape stone with ceramic tile nippers

     • learn with easy-to-follow, step-by-step, storyboard instrucitons

     • buy modeling materials from your local building supply center

     and . . . learn how to find your own "local" stone!


#7051-13 DVD......$ 14.95










Reveiw Garden Railways Magazine 10/03 – "In How to Model in Stone & Cement (#7051)

Stoneworks must surely have created what, to date, is the definitive work on modeling in these materials. The book, with an introduction by Jack Verducci, contains chapters on cement casting, real stone construction, casting masters (molds), and modeling in 1/2" scale. It takes you step-by-step through the construction of a small house with a stone chimney, stone-and-cement tunnel portals, and stone-arch bridges and viaducts.

   The book is profusely illustrated with black-and-white and some color photos. While the photo quality isn't always great, all pictures are clear and easily understood. Materials, tools, processes, and techniques are all covered in depth through the illustrations and clearly written prose, making this type of model building accessible to anyone who has the desire to give it a go. The book is a significant contribution to our hobby. Highly recommended."

Marc Horovitz, Editor

Authors: Mary Abel-Lavely and Tom Lavely (from Stoneworks)
ISBN 0-941187-28-4

Stone & Cement TOOLS: The tools and supplies for modeling with real stone are generally inexpensive. Most are found at your local building center. We do offer the miniature trowel that we've used for years and find indispensible. Tools