Stoneworks provides G-scale windows & doors, scale RR details, "How To" information, Plans and Kits for all modelers - wood, plastic and stone/cement. Our laser-cut styrene Window and Door Kits includes the widest selection with architectural detail that provides durability outdoors in all weathers. Kits, Windows & Doors and More . . . . Our Enginehouse Door Kits (in G-scale and 1:20.3) open and close. . . revealing details on BOTH sides. Stoneworks creates the only line of water wheels, sluices, plans and details (Mills) that are available.

We created the interlocking ( no glue ) Stone & Cement technique. Your models are designed to remain outside on your large scale railroad – year 'round. "All-Weather" models withstand all weather conditions – UV, rain, heat, snow, ice, humidity, moisture, wind, hail – in all 50 states plus Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Spain, Asia and Europe.

The Stone & Cement technique is ideal for waterwheel mills placed in wet, water environments.

Learn how in How to Model in Stone & Cement or see how in the new 2013 DVD-Update.

We've continued to support our fellow garden railroaders and modelers for 15+ years.
Thanks for your interest in Stone and Cement . . . it's fun, too.
Glen & Sherry/Tom & Mary
( the "real" voices living in Missouri)





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Some recent modeling:

 For galleries of real stone modeling efforts click on Stone Model Gallery - RR models and Building Structures or Cement Gallery



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Has fractions, decimals and millimeters
in larger type.
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All of our Doors & Windows, mill parts, wheels, station wagons, and laser products we design and manufacture ourselves using high impact styrene and acrylics.


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