This is the "stuff with pointy corners". It's flaked granite or flint that has a tooth to hold your track in place. It's the same stone that the full-sized railroads use. Many large scale railroaders first use a base of 3/4" crushed rock fines or screenings (locally available). They come back with the top-dressing of pointy granite. Poultry feed stores used to carry this "grit." Poulty growers are switching to shells and with the increased cost of transportation, stone grit is getting harder to find.
Application Rate: For top-dress: about 1/2 lb of ballast per foot of track.
Shipping Included: All ballast is shipped via U.S.P.S. Flat Rate Priority - 25lbs/box

Ballast 25 lbs
Ballast 50 lbs
Ballast 75 lbs
A rose-grey quartzite granite chip used by the BNSF and Soo Line in the midwest.

$ 38.00
shipping included

TIP: Recipe to hold in place after leveling track: wet down with mixture of water and wetting solution (few drops of Joy dishwashing liquid); mix 1/2 pint 0f Titebond l l l to one gallon of water (waterproof glue-Lowe's) and squirt over wetted ballast.
Then: Wipe off track. Dries clear.

$ 70.00
shipping included

$ 102.00
shipping included.

We hand split all of our slate. Generally to 1-32" – 1/16" thick. A slate dated roof (above) can commemorate the date you began your garden railroad. We glue with Standard Exterior Construction Adhesive in the cartridge/gun.

SHINGLES are 1/32" to 3/32" thick on average. Ready to glue. Size vary slightly.
Slate Pre-cut Shingles -
100 sq in
This red slate comes from eastern New York state. Ideal with contrast to other slates on roofs.
$ 25.00
The "standard" slate. This grey is easily nipped with "guillotine" garden shears. Mixes well with other slate colors. Instructions.

$ 25.00