Stoneworks' Fieldstone and Quarry stones are labeled in the "State" the quarry is located. For more definitions and answers click on Questions? We developed the Quikrete® Vinyl Patcher Technique - it's fun to do, easy on the wallet and extremely durable outside (we call it "all-weather"). The step-by-step technique with full instructions is found in our book #7051 How to model in Stone and Cement. You can also glue our stone sticks to a rigid substrate. Some modelers prefer to glue real stone to concrete, wood, steel or foam substrates.
    Each order is custom, hand-cut to your needs. One pound of thin cut course stone(stone sticks) covers approx. 26 to 30 sq. inches. This coverage will vary as some stone is lighter by weight (#58 OH sandstone) and you get more stone "coverage" per pound. The heavier stone lays less of an area (#19NY Bluestone). Samples are available. Call toll-free to discuss your project and the amount of stone you may need. Please allow up to a week for stone orders. This is due to cutting and drying time.

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Stone Sticks
- 2 lbs
Stone Sticks 10 lbs
Bandera Sandstone from the Fort Scott area - a darker grey.

$ 12.00

$ 50.00

This dense sandstone is a coarse sandstone. Ideal for cut stone, portals, roundhouses. Color value varies.




$ 50.00

A fine-Berea sandstone – cuts easily, carves easily (engraver tool) and "thin cuts" to 1/8". There is a "warmer brown" version that is quite varied in tones


$ 12.00



- 2 lbs
Fieldstone -10 lbs

Good for foundations, chimneys, portals, mills and other rustic structures. warm tones and some greys.
1/16" to 5/8" thick irregular pieces-you cut to shape

$ 10.00

$ 40.00

Raceway Stone for Sluices & Waterwheels
Includes a total of 41" of cut capstones and a total of 5 lbs. of stone to complete #4174 Raceway Plans. Please specify stone when ordering.
$ 28.00
indicate the stone color in the "comments" on the order page.