Consider Stoneworks a resource for G-scale windows & doors, quarried stone, ballast, hand split slate, "how to" information and plans. Our laser-cut styrene Window and Door Kits in both G (1:24) and Fn3 (1.20.3) is extensive. Our styles stress selection, archectural detail, and durability outdoors . . . even for the scratch modeler. (Kits, Windows & Doors and More . . . ).
Our Enginehouse Door Kits open and close . . . revealing details on BOTH sides.
Stoneworks has the only line of water wheels, sluices, plans and details (Mills) for large scale available.

When you model using the Stone & Cement technique, your models are designed to remain outside on your large scale railroad – year 'round. "All-Weather" models withstand all weather conditions – UV, rain, heat, snow, ice, humidity, moisture, wind, hail – in all 50 states plus Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Spain, Asia and Europe.
The Stone & Cement technique is ideal for waterwheel mills placed in wet, water environments.
Learn how in How to Model in Stone & Cement or see how in the new 2013 DVD-Update.

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Some recent modeling

 For galleries of real stone modeling efforts click on Stone Model Gallery - RR models and Building Structures or Cement Gallery

We continue to support our fellow garden railroaders and modelers with "real" voices living in Missouri! Give us a call.
Thanks for your interest in stone and cement . . . it's fun, too.
Tom & Mary

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   All or our Doors & Windows, mill parts, wheels, station wagons, and laser products we design and manufacture ourselves from high impact styrene and acrylics..
The natural quarried stone we sell comes from American Quarries. We hand split the Slate shingles and create the "thin cut" quarried stone with equipment we created

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